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Sprint 92 Deployment

    Officer shot in gunfight with a father and son still in critical condition, police dept says

    Pitter Pateryn, let's get at 'er. Congrats on your first NHL goal Greg. #NHLFirsts…
    .@Teague0 (11 PTs, 6 ASTs) and @Reggie_Jackson (13 PTs, 7 ASTs) duel as @DetroitPistons hold a 62-61 edge over @ATLHawks at the break.
    END of 1: #Twolves score a season best 42 points and lead the Grizz by 17! ????

    Zach with 14 to lead!
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    Researchers are working on a way to generate electricity from discarded tomato bits


    End 3rd - Hornets 92, Magic 71


    Kyrie & Kevin with 46pts as we head into the final 12 minutes of #CavsMavs !


    12 minutes left in this one.

    Butler: 15pts/5rb
    Rose: 14pts/3rb

    China's smog problem in pictures: Beijing man photographs the view from his window every day

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    The @atlhawks defeat the @detroitpistons 118-114 on @al_horford's 21p & 11r.

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    Several Minnesota police officers appear on so-called "kill list"; #ISIS connection cited

    "The closest we've had to Trump is a combination of George Wallace and Ross Perot," @DanRather says.
    35 first quarter points ✔
    9 point lead ✔

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    (CTRL-C, CTRL-V)... #TheLobTheJAM, @cp3 to @deandrejordan6!

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    @stephencurry30 on the money to Andrew Bogut!

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    End of 3:

    Clippers 97
    Rockets 75

    Harden: 27pts/5reb/4ast
    Beasley: 14pts/6reb

    Explanation of Coach's Challenge at 14:28 of the second period in #STLvsEDM . #ClosertotheGame