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Sprint 92 Deployment

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    NBA All-Star IT4 looks to lead the Celtics to their 15th home victory in 16 tries on ESPN 7pm/et #NBAVine

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    Tonight's @nbaonespn action tips off at 7pm/et!

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    Ohio court says inmate who survived botched execution can be put to death

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    A challenge to John Kasich's standing on a Pennsylvania ballot has been dropped.

    The @celtics are energized to square off vs the @okcthunder on ESPN

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    This Oxford professor just won $700k for solving a 300-year-old math equation

    3 ex-Catholic order leaders accused of hiding sex abuse allegations, Pennsylvania's AG says

    Don't miss a moment along the road to the playoffs! Watch all the action on NBA LEAGUE PASS:

    Ben Carson: Donald Trump and I "did not discuss any quid pro quo"
    .@OKCThunder off to a sound start, lead @Celtics 35-30 after one period of play. It's an offensive showcase on @ESPN . #OKCatBOS

    End of 1 in DC,

    #Wizards 32 - #Bulls 25

    Morris 9p-4r
    Wall 6p-3r-3a
    Beal 5p
    Otto 3p-2r-2a


    ???????? after one!
    @KyrieIrving 11pts (5-7 FGM)
    Jefferson 6pts (2-2 FGM)

    #CavsMavs BOX:

    Done with one and we have the lead.

    #Pistons - 32, Hawks - 30. Tobias leads us with 11.

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    No LeBron, no problem thus far for @Cavs . K-Love drops 14 PTs, 10 REBs as #CLE leads @DallasMavs 57-51 at the break.

    John Wall swishes and dishes for 14 PTs, 7 ASTs to spark @WashWizards to a 63-52 lead over @ChicagoBulls at half.

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    KD and Westbrook w/ 17 PTs each to energize @OKCThunder to a 66-55 lead over @Celtics at the break on @ESPN .

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    Batum scores 16 PTs, dishes out 8 ASTs to propel @Hornets to a 61-43 advantage over @OrlandoMagic at intermission.

    Some immigrants are applying for U.S. citizenship so they can vote against Donald Trump