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Sprint 107 Deployment Parent

    The man blamed for coup attempt

    Was a plan to overthrow Turkey's government really hatched behind a gated compound in a small, leafy Pennsylvania town, or is that merely a smoke screen?
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    Soldiers force CNN Turk anchors off air

    CNN Turk editor in chief, Ferhat Boratav, explains to CNN's Anderson Cooper what happened when soldiers entered their studios and forced the anchors off the air.
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    7 alternative games to Pokemon Go

    Pokemon Go may be helping to get gamers out of the house, but if you feel more like Pokemon "no" than Pokemon Go, here are seven other games to try.
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    Men fall from cliff playing Pokémon Go

    If all your friends jumped off a cliff, would you too? What if your Pokémon took you there?
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    Boris Johnson: His best put-downs of Obama, Clinton and Trump

    Boris Johnson is a Conservative British politician famous for some decidedly undiplomatic utterances. But on Wednesday he became the UK's new foreign secretary, a role in which he oversees the country's diplomats and discusses sensitive matters with his global counterparts.
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    Witness: We are on lockdown in Istanbul

    Kat Cohen, who is on lockdown in a hotel near Istanbul's Bosphorus bridge, says she heard a bomb go off near the bridge and helicopters fly overhead.
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    Jeb Bush trashes Trump on eve of GOP convention

    Jeb Bush is carrying his crusade against Donald Trump to the doorstep of the Republican convention, saying that he is not the future of the Republican Party even as it prepares to nominate him.
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    Calgary-based flying crew to talk about daring South Pole rescue mission

    Join CBC News live at 10:30 a.m. MT as the Calgary-based flying crew that rescued two patients from a research station at the South Pole last month will talk to the media about the mission.
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