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vultisne de conditione ludorum olympicorum audire ego vobis omnia narrare volebo su huc veneris potebas


Marcus Porcius Cato, son of Cato Salonianus and father of Cato the Younger Cato the Younger "Cato of Utica" or "Cato Minor" (Marcus Porcius Catō Uticēnsis via WikipediaWikipediavia Wikipedia at 11:30 AM



Budweiser Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial -- "Puppy Love"

Galyusya Statsuravia VK at 6:28 AM


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Drygalski Fjord
by D-Stanley via Flickr

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blythe's Knitting うさみみ❤︎ blythe頭大きくて紐分足らんかった
by junkysakura via Instagram

Awesome.. Where can i find such a great dog like this
Click to view Facebook VideoYoung Paperboyzvia Facebook at 11:17 AM

Giacomo Meyerbeer - Clarinet Quintet in E-flat major (1813)
by KuhlauDilfeng2 via YouTube


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