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5 Spring Essentials to get you Running into Summer Live

I personally like to add some colour which helps perk up my mood and have a few light layers that can be easily removed as I exercise.

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Lightweight layers. Pops of colours. Breathable fabrics. Oh and lets talk about those layers again. These are all the things to think about when shopping for new season kit.

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So here are my top 5 favourite essential items that will see me through to the summer. Layer up and let's go.

The Best Vest Jacket, $65 - North Face

This lightweight, transformable 3in1 jacket is a must have for running, rain or shine. Wear it as a jacket when heading off and need to hold on to heat. Then tuck the jacket into the back pocket of the vest when you get too warm. It is light wind and water resistant and has multiple roomy pockets for gloves, keys and other layers. Also comes in a gorgeous silver 


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